We are on a mission to generate revenue for hotels with a one-stop suite of travel tech products and services. Working as an independent strategic partner with hotels across Asia. We provide marketing, pricing and distribution solutions for hoteliers to grow and be profitable in this new digital age. The development team consists of experienced web programmers, instructional designers, content designers, online business consultants and customer supports.


is to be a strategic partner of hotels to develop online growth opportunities. Leveraging on our experience in the hotel industry and software development, we intend to assist our clients in harnessing the power of the Internet and unleash the power of their hotel website.


We provide industry-leading technology solutions for hospitality distribution, direct bookings and digital marketing services.
Our products include Channel Managers, a real-time online distribution platform; Booking Engines that helps property owners grow direct online bookings; professional Websites, an easy-to-use website builder for hospitality businesses;.
Our technology is used by all segments of the hospitality industry, from big hotel and motel chains to boutique properties, independent hotels, holiday parks and guest houses.
We focus on developing products that are intuitive and reliable, working with our partner properties to continuously improve their effectiveness and efficiency, helping businesses get closer to their goals.